Terms of Service

This page sets out our Terms and Conditions, Privacy and Refunds policies. By ticking the checkbox when registering for the site, you are deemed to have read, understood and agree to these terms.

Terms and Conditions
This site runs on shared hosting and 100% uptime cannot be guaranteed. We make regular backups of the site, but you agree not to hold us responsible for any data loss due to server outages.

We reserve the right to shut down the site at any time. While we would ideally give you at least 7 days notice, that may not always be possible.

The site will limit information to non-members. Visitors may see an excerpt of a post or page, or nothing at all. This is to encourage visitors to join, while protecting purchase details and other benefits to members only.

When registering for the site, your access will be held in moderation until your membership fee has been paid. Once paid, you will receive your login details by email.

Members are manually added to our autoresponder, because some offers only run for a few days and we need to notify you about them. Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Privacy Policy
We take your privacy very seriously. No information you provide us with is used for any purpose outside this website. Other members cannot see any of your details.

We take various measures to prevent unauthorized access to the site’s admin area, but no site can be 100% secure. You agree not to hold us responsible for any data breaches caused by a hacking action. The only data that would be compromised is your email address.

We agree to notify you if a breach has been successful, so you can change your password and email address if necessary. Your password is encrypted in the database and is never shown as plain text.

When you register for the site, we record your name, email address, country and IP address. A session cookie is also set, so you can remain logged in each visit. If you do not want cookies to be stored, please use your browser in incognito mode.

When you pay your membership fee, you are redirected to PayPal’s secure checkout page and we do not see your personal or financial details.

Refund Policy
Membership fees are not refundable. If you are not satisfied with our service, please contact us and we will offer a product equal to or of greater value than the membership fee instead.

The membership fee is an annual subscription and will automatically renew, unless you cancel before the next renewal period.

Product refunds can not be offered because of the discounted price they are purchased at – usually $5 or slightly more. The purpose of the club is to give you access to both paid and free products. If you really want a refund for a $5 product, please contact us and we will provide you with another paid product for free instead.