Blogging for Profit

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Free for members, this app contains eBooks, audio and videos on how to use blogging to generate profit. Because the files are difficult to download, I have included them in a separate zip file.

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High Ticket Hotshot

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Free to members, this app shows you how to move to high ticket promotions. You get 4 offers to start you off, as well as access to resell rights for many of Dawud’s previous offers.

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Lead Generation Guide

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Free to members, this 10-part video guide and eBook, shows how to build landing pages using Lead Pages and how to integrate various auto-responders. It also shows how to use automation for follow up emails using both simple and more complex ones.

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Total Traffic

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Free to members, Total Traffic gives you 15 free traffic methods. You also get access to reseller rights to 20 of Dawud’s previous products and front end access to 50 products from top marketers.

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The Lockdown Formula

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Free to members, The Lockdown Formula is designed for people new to affiliate marketing and guides them through taking advantage of working from home.

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Eagle Emails Techniques

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Free to members, Eagle Emails teaches you the best techniques for writing your promotional emails and how to test they do not end up in people’s spam box.

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