About the Owner

My name is Graham Beech and I am the owner and creator of the Affiliate Bargains Club.

I live in Perth, Western Australia and spent my working life as an Avionics technician in our Air Force.

My technical background means I am much more comfortable working with machines than people. This makes me a lousy marketer!

I’m now retired and an old age pensioner, so making money is not high on my priority list. It also means I don’t have the necessary drive to do what it takes to be a super affiliate.

It takes a lot of time, effort and commitment to be an affiliate marketer. There are no shortcuts or magic or secret techniques. You need to put in the work and be prepared for a long-term result, not an overnight success.

The majority of people who try affiliate marketing give up within the first year. There are many reasons why, but they all boil down to lack of results. This is not a “get rich quick” business.

Ideally, you should be working with a mentor who is already successful. But for most of us, that is not going to be an option. So I decided to make this website.

The main purpose is to give you access to products you can use to build your inventory. I will also be giving you tips and tricks and access to courses on affiliate marketing.

These products and courses will either be free or very low cost. I have tried affiliate marketing several times over the years, so I know how hard it is to get started and stay motivated.

The reasoning behind having a club site is, it gives you access to these things for a low annual membership fee. In fact, getting just one product for free or as low as $5, will pay for your membership in one go.

You can try a product, and if it doesn’t suit you, then simply try another. For most products this will either cost you nothing or $5, so you are not going to be paying large amounts of money to test different products.

I also suggest you take a look a grahambeech.com where you will find affiliate programs I am currently promoting. If you purchase any product from there, you will be given free, lifetime access to the club.

My technical skills will enable me to help you out with using products and I can even provide hosting if you need it for your own website, for $30 (US) a year. You would then be getting support for your hosting directly from me as well.

I may be a lousy marketer, but I have over 20 years experience making websites, so you can leverage that experience to help you set up yours. Having your own site is vital for affiliate marketing, because it establishes your brand and reputation.

Using ClassicPress (a fork of WordPress without Gutenberg) and the free version of the Elementor page builder, combined with an autoresponder such as GetResponse, enables you to build quality landing and thank you pages. You also get to build your email list at the same time, which is your most valuable asset.

Combine that with the low cost products, and you are well on the way to establishing a solid foundation for your affiliate marketing business. Of course, you don’t have to have your own website, but most marketers would recommend you do. Hosted platforms can disappear without warning and very often don’t give you enough control over what you can and cannot do.

So, in summary, my aim is to help you get started in your business as cheaply as possible, and to help you when you get stuck!